the percent of 21th graders in a certain state who have ever used cigarettes for each of the year 2000 through 2014 can be modeled by p= -1.708t + 60.341, where p is equal to the percent and t is equal to number of the year after 2000 . when will the percent be less then 23%?

Guest Oct 3, 2018

The percentage is decreasing yearly (yea!).....


23 = -1.708t + 60.341    and solve for 't'

23-60.341 = - 1.708t

-37.341=-1.708t      t=21.86

So   at 2021.86  it equals 23%

in 2022 it will be less than 23 %

ElectricPavlov  Oct 3, 2018

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