1. Twelve hungry teenagers can devour a very large pizza in 20 minutes. How many teenagers would it take to finish a very large pizza in 15 minutes? (Assume that all teenagers eat pizza at the same rate.)

2. For a statue of Miss Levans, the amount of gold required is directly proportional to the square of the height of the statue. A statue of Miss Levans that is 20 feet tall requires 80 pounds of gold. How many pounds of gold does a statue that is 25 feet tall require?

3. Tina lives 30 miles away from her work, and she normally drives at 45 miles per hour. If she wants to get to work 10 minutes earlier, how fast should she drive to work, in miles per hour?

4. All of the members of our spray-painting team paint at the same speed. If 12 team members can paint a 2400 square foot wall in 45 minutes, then how many minutes would it take for 9 team members to paint a 3600 square foot wall?

5. I drove to my parents' house at 60 miles per hour. If I had driven 50 miles an hour instead, then I would have gotten there 40 minutes later. How many miles did I drive?

6. Fake gold bricks are made by covering concrete cubes with gold paint, so the cost of the paint is directly proportional to their surface area while the cost of the concrete is directly proportional to their volume. A cube with edges of length 1 inch costs $1.30 to make, while a cube with edges of length 2 inches costs $6.80 to make. How much would a cube with edges of length 3 inches cost to make?

7. Anabel's horse runs 24 miles per hour. Jackie's horse runs 28 miles per hour. Both horses stand at the starting line of a straight 2-mile track, and Jackie's horse starts running 30 seconds after Anabel's. How many miles from the starting line does Jackie's horse catch up to Anabel's?

8. Mrs. Danforth packed 5 bags of fun-sized candies for her family's picnic. Each bag contains 16 pieces. She had intended to pass out the same number of candies to each of her 4 children. But Cameron, her second-youngest, argues that she should instead distribute the candies in proportion to the children's ages. All of the children have different ages. If Cameron can convince his mother to give out the candies his way, he will gain two candies while his four-year-old sister will lose twelve. How old is Mrs. Danforth's oldest child?

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