How would i find this on the unit circle? or am i suppose to use the calculator? I only have one try to enter the correct answer and im not sure how they want it. Cause i could try to find the angles, or i could just enter it in the calculator and then do the inverse of the that answer.

Guest Feb 27, 2017

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14pi/ 19  >  pi/2  ......so......we need to convertt this angle to fall within the range of the arcsin which is  between  -pi/2  and pi/2


Note.......  sin A   =  sin (pi - A)    ....so....


sin  [ pi  -  14pi/19 ]  = sin [ (19pi - 14pi) /19 ]  =  sin (5pi/19)




arcsin (sin (5pi / 19) )    =   5pi / 19


   [  Remember, for example...  arcsin ( sin pi/6)  = arcsin (1/2)  = pi/6  ]



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 27, 2017

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