Two students went to buy Munchie candy bars.  Each student had some money, but one student found that he needed 7 cents more to buy one bar, and the other found she needed two cents more.  They pooled their money, but still did not have enough.  How many cents does one Munchie bar cost?

 Jan 12, 2020

I am not sure what you are asking....

But if a Munchie bar costs 8 cents    and one student had  1 cent (needs 7 cents more) and one student had 6 cents(needs 2 cents more), then pooling their money results in only 6+1 = 7 cents....not enough to buy an 8 cent munchie bar.



Student 1     has    x -7        (x is Munchie price)......  and this has to be > 0 (because they both have some money)

Student 2     has    x - 2 

    added together they still are less than x

(x-7) +  (x-2)

2x-9 < x

w< 9               8 is th only answer that will work if they both have some money as stated in the Q

 Jan 12, 2020
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