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Complete the two-way frequency table below, which shows the relationship between a person's gender and whether he or she wears his or her favorite sports team's jersey to sporting events. From a sample of 60 people entering a sports venue, it is found that there are 22 females, 40 people wearing a team jersey, and 17 females not wearing a team jersey.

Team JerseyNo Team JerseyTotal

Female 1722


Total40 60

What is the probability (rounded to the nearest whole percent) that a person entering a sports venue will be a male given that he or she is not wearing a team jersey? Are the events being male and not wearing a team jersey independent?


 A: 8%, they are not independent 15%,

B: they are not independent 5%,

C:they are independent 33%

D: they are independent

 Feb 12, 2019

                    Team Jersey         No Team Jersey        Total

Female              5                         17                            22

Male                 35                          3                            38   

                         40                        20                            60


P(Male / Not wearing a team jersey)    =  3 / 20     =  15%


P(male/ Not wearing a team jersey) is independent if :


P( Male / Not wearing a team jersey)  =  P(Male) * P(Not  wearing a team jersey)


                  .15                   =        38/60 *    20/60 


                  .15      not equal to  .21


So.....not independent



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 Feb 12, 2019

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