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In the local frisbee league, teams have 7 members and each of the 4 teams takes turns hosting tournaments. At each tournament, each team selects two members of that team to be on the tournament committee, except the host team, which selects three members. How many possible 9 member tournament committees are there?


Any help is very thankful

 Jul 20, 2018

Possible  number of different selections for each home team  =  4 different home teams * C(7,3)  = 140

And for the other three teams, the  possible number of selections at each home site are 3* (7, 2) = 63


So...the number number of possible different tournament committees  =   140 * 63  = 8820



cool cool cool

 Jul 20, 2018

I liked the way you took the problem but it still says it is incorrect. Please help

 Jul 21, 2018

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