I need help with this question please, I couldn't copy the question so I made an URL for it hope it's fine with you! 






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 Aug 22, 2019
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I don't know where to start but I will watch and learn if someone else wants to answer.  


I just found this.  Looks like it should help, I have not watched it yet but it looks relevant.



 Aug 23, 2019

Thanks for your help Melody! 

I will try my best but if you find any other hints please share them. 

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The solution is being added quicker than it is being drained away. So the amount in the container is constantly increasing.

At a given point in time (t minutes after start) the amount in the tank will be  5000+50t-30t = 5000+20t


At the start    5000L  of brine   which has 100Kg sale


Entering     0.3Kg/L      at   50L/min


Leaving        The concentation in the tank at any given moment    at     30L/min


Let A(t)  be the amount of salt in the tank immediately after any given time t (minutes).   

I will call this A for short but remember that it is a function of time.


\(\frac{dA}{dT}=\text{rate in - rate out}\\ \frac{dA}{dT}=\text{concentation in* rate of flow - concentation out *rate of flow}\\ \frac{dA}{dT}= \left(\frac{0.3Kg}{1L}*\frac{50L}{1minute}\right)- \left(\frac{A Kg}{(5000+20t)L}*\frac{30L}{1minute}\right)\\ \frac{dA}{dT}= \left(\frac{15Kg}{1minute}\right)- \left(\frac{30A Kg}{(5000+20t)minute}\right)\\ \frac{dA}{dT}= 15- \frac{30A}{5000+20t}\;\;\quad\frac{Kg}{min} \)


I am not sure if it is finished.  I probably should go further ?  what do you think ?

I don't have time right now.  

By the way, the video question was simpler than this one but that is the only resource that I used to help me.



ok I have looked more and I do not know how to go further.  Maybe the question does not require me too.

Does anyone else know how to take if further?

 Aug 23, 2019
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