I’m stuck with this question can someone help me please. Thank you. 

 Oct 14, 2019

The wording of this problem is weird, I'll do what I can.


To 150 items at the regular price is 4*150=$600


The sale price for the item is .9*4=$3.60


*holding cost per unit per day* *thinks*

Does this mean that to hold an item for a day you don't use it it costs $0.30?

If so, holding one item for 2 days before it means paying .30+.30+3.6=$4.20 for the item, and most of the items will be held for far more than 2 days before they are used so the average price per item will be way above $4 and the company should not take advantage of the discount price.


Tell me if I interperated this problem incorrectly and I'll try again.

 Oct 19, 2019

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