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Answer to each blank to correctly complete the explanation for deriving the formula for the volume of a sphere.



For every corresponding pair of cross sections, the area of the cross section of a sphere with radius r is equal to the area of the cross section of a cylinder with radius r and height ________ minus the volume of two cones, each with a radius and height of r. A cross section of the sphere is __________, and a cross section of the cylinder minus the cones, taken parallel to the base of cylinder, is __________.

The volume of the cylinder with radius r and height 2r is  2πr3

, and the volume of each cone with radius r and height r is _________ . So the volume of the cylinder minus the two cones is  43πr3 . Therefore, the volume of the cylinder is ___________ by Cavalieri's principle.

 Jan 19, 2018

Go online to this page, which explains the derivation of the volume of the sphere very well:


 Jan 19, 2018

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