Given the figure below, what are the values of x and y?


 Jul 15, 2020

The sum of all angles in a pentagon is 540, so wecan use that to find out the missing angle. 98+98+125+108=429, 540-429=111.  

Now we have 2x+11=111

Subract 11 from both sides 2x=100

Divde both sides by 2 x=50

Now for y, since the line is straight the single side will measure 180 degrees.  Subtract 111 from 180 and you get 69.  

Now we have y+8=69

subtract 8 from btoh sides and you get y=61

So now we have X = 50 and Y = 61

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 Jul 15, 2020

we know that the sums of the angles in a pentagon is 540 and the other angles add up to 108+125+98+98=429 so 2x+11=540-429 and 2x+11=111 so 2x=111-11=100  and x=50 then we know that the exterior angles add up to 180 so we have y+8=180-111 and y=180-111-8 so that means y=61

 Jul 15, 2020

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