We have two soap of equal weights and a 3/4 pound weight. However, after using 1/4 of soap we place all three objects on balance as On one side of balance we place one soap(unused) and on another side, we placed used soap (i.e 3/4th of soap) and 3/4 pound weight.


What is the soap weight?


 Jun 19, 2020

1 soap bar = 3/4 of a soap bar + a 3/4 pound weight. The 3/4 pound weight replaces the 1/4 missing of the soap bar. Therefore, in order to find the total weight of the soap bar we have to multiply 3/4 x 4 = 12/4  which we then simplify into 3/1. The total weight of one soap bar is 3 pounds.

 Jun 19, 2020

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