100 people who were surveyed and asked the question: ``Is fuchsia kinda pink, or purply?'' Of them, 60 believe that fuchsia is ``kinda pink'' and 27 believe it is both ``kinda pink,'' and also ``purply.'' Another 17 think that fuchsia is neither ``kinda pink'' nor ``purply.''

How many of those 100 people believe that fuchsia is ``purply''?

 Jan 4, 2019

I think Chris MAY have answered your question.....but you did  not ask for #people who think 'purply ONLY'      , you asked for 'purply'

   'purply' would include the 'purply-only'  23     AND the  'kinda-pink and Purply'  27      23 +27 = 50 think purply.     This is consistent with your statement that 60 people think it is kinda pink which includes the 27 who thought BOTH.  

(purply ONLY = 23 , but that was not what was asked in your question)     Thanx, Chris!

 Jan 4, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Jan 5, 2019

We can answer this with a Venn diagram :




Kinda Pink only =  60 - 27 =  33

Both = 27

Purply Only = 23

Neither = 17



cool cool cool

 Jan 4, 2019

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