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A rollercoaster ride reaches a height of 100 feet before it sharply drops. The height above the ground of the rollercoaster car during the drop is modeled by the function, h(t)=10t^2−60t+100 , where t is measured in seconds since the car started its decline.

The model is accurate for 0≤t≤50≤t≤5 .

On this portion of the ride, how long does the car take to reach a minimum height from the ground before rising again?


2.25 s

3 s

3.5 s

4.25 s

 Feb 20, 2019

We want to know   when t  produces a min height

Note that a t = 0, the height = 100 ft


So....the t that produces a min height is given by   - (-60) / (2 * 10)  =  60 / 20  =   3 seconds



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 Feb 20, 2019

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