Vonnie likes her lemonade to have a water:lemon juice ratio of 7:2. Lonnie prefers a water: lemon juice ratio of 6:1. How much water would Lonnie have to add to 350 gallons of Vonnie's lemonade in order for it to be to her liking?

 Jun 27, 2020

In Vonnie's 350 gallons of lemonade, she has \(272\frac{2}{9}\) gallons of water \(77 \frac{7}{9}\) gallons of lemon juice (in the ratio of 7:2). If we want to add more water to make it the same ratio as Lonnie's lemonade we need to write an equation. \(\frac{272 \frac{2}{9}+x}{77 \frac{7}{9}}=\frac{6}{1}\). I am going to leave it up to you to solve the equation.          

 Jun 27, 2020

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