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 Two lines l and m intersect at O at an angle of 28˚. Let A be a point inside the acute angle formed by l and m. Let B and C be the reflections of A over lines l and m, respectively. Find the number of degrees in angle BAC.

 Jun 24, 2018



Since  B and  C are reflections of A over l and m....then the angle formed by the intersection of AB with l  = 90° ....call this intersection point, S....and the angle formed by the intersection of AC with m  is also 90°...and call this intersection point , T


So....we have quadrilateral   SATO  with angle  SAT  =  angle BAC


So....angle  SAT   =  angle BAC  = [360  - 90 -90  - 28]  = [180  - 28]    = 152°




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 Jun 24, 2018

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