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Which description is correct for the x-intercept(s) of Function A and Function B?


Function A:

x                    g(x)

−4                  −3

3                      0

0                    −2

2                    −1

1                      0



Function B: f(x)=|x|−2


Both functions have the same x-intercept(s).


Function A has two x-intercepts.
Function B has one x-intercept.


Both functions have the same number of x-intercepts.


Function B has two x-intercepts.
Function A has one x-intercept.

 Feb 28, 2019

Function A has two x intercepts  since the points (3, 0) and (1,0)  are on the graph


To find out the number  of x intercepts that B has

l x l - 2 = 0

l x l = 2

Two values of x satify this   x = 2  and x = 2

So....B has two x intercepts




Both functions have the same number of x-intercepts.


[ But not the SAME x intercepts ]  !!!!



cool cool cool

 Feb 28, 2019

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