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A square piece of paper is folded once so that one pair of opposite corners coincide. When the paper is unfolded, two congruent triangles have been formed. Given that the area of the original square is 49 square inches, what is the number of inches in the perimeter of one of these triangles? Express your answer in simplest radical form.





EDIT:  I think it's 24.5 but that's not in radical form...

 Feb 27, 2018
edited by AnonymousConfusedGuy  Feb 27, 2018

I tried it with a 4x 4 piece of paper....LOL!!!


Two isosceles right triangles are formed....with equal sides of 7 inches and a hypotenuse of 7√2 inches


The perimeter is 


7 ( 1 + 1 + √2) 


7 ( 2 + √2 ) in  ≈   23.89  in



cool cool cool

 Feb 27, 2018

Ha! Great solution!

AnonymousConfusedGuy  Feb 28, 2018

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