no idea what to do... please help.

Guest Feb 18, 2016

I think I can answer some of these.....


a. The spring will be at it's lowest point at 0 and 2pi seconds = -5 cm below the equilibrium point

     It will be at it's highest point at pi seconds = +5 cm above the equilibrium point


b. The velocity is given by the derivative of the position function   =

     d ' (t)  = v (t)  = 5sin (t)


c.  The speed  will be greatest where the sine reaches its absolute maximum and minimum values, i.e., at  t = pi/2 seconds  and at 3pi/2 seconds......at both times the speed will be 5 cm/s

     In the first case, the velocity will be +5cm/s and in the second, it will be -5cm/s


d. The acceleration  is given by the derivative of the velocity function  =

    d '' (t)  =  v '(t)  = a (t)  =  5cos( t )


e. The acceleration = 0  at pi/2 seconds and at 3p/2 seconds since the cosine = 0 at these two          values



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 18, 2016
edited by CPhill  Feb 18, 2016

You are an angel from god, thank you so much I can finally sleep <3 <3 <3 <3

Guest Feb 18, 2016

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