MaxWong  Sep 21, 2017

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Hi Max,

Were your ears burning? 

 I just put up a post thanking you and as I wrote it I was wondering where you had got to and all of a sudden you appear !  Just like magic    cool



Your integrals are  too hard    laugh

Maybe Heureka will answer them. 

Do you already know how to do them or have you looked them up in Wolfram Alpha or an integral calculator?

If I had more energy I'd do that  frown


It is always nice to see you here :D

Melody  Sep 21, 2017


My ears? They are always fine :)

Those hard integrals are what I have learnt the days I have temp. left the forum.

I knew how to do them... all of them :D

MaxWong  Sep 21, 2017

Yes I figured that you could already do them :)

It is nice to see you here Max :)

Melody  Sep 21, 2017

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