A lot of people are asking questions with unrendered LaTex code.


They are just copying and pasting questions in, without bothering to proofread them or display them properly.


The main impact of this is there there are symbols such as $,\, { displayed that make no sense. (Unless you can read raw latex code)


I can read latex code but I have no interest in making sense of it in a question.


Please note that if I see questions like these before they are answered, I usually just delete them.


SO if you want maximum chance of your question being answered, then display it properly.



Occasionally people use LaTex properly and there is a problem with the site resulting in it not displaying properly.

If this happens to you just make a new post underneath with an apologetic explanation. 

 Aug 15, 2020

It's becuase the LaTeX box isn't working:




(Not working) it eventually comes out as \(\LaTeX\) 

 Aug 15, 2020

I think most of these people do not actually put it into the Latex box.

It is just copy and past for them.


Do you think this is a new problem Alan?

The forum is riddled with problems lately  :(

Melody  Aug 15, 2020

Yes, it seems to be new. 


I find LaTex works if I log in, then sometimes continues to work for a while after I log out!  Usually though, I have to log in to see it.

Alan  Aug 15, 2020

It only seems to work properly if you log in.  

 Aug 15, 2020

For me, I can only see it in the preview, whether i log in or out...but it's not just the LaTeX that isn't working for me, but whenever I want to type a plain message, it ends up going into this small box instead of a normal box. (here is what i mean)


small box:

(if image not working, view here: https://ibb.co/mvKxc8j)


i get that bugs are hard to detect...when im coding a website, it seems that everything is correct, but it displays wrong.....

 Aug 15, 2020

yeah...i find that when i use the latex box majority of the times it comes out as the raw form...help! 

 Aug 15, 2020

Melody, Do You Know Why CPhill dissapeared on top users???

 Aug 21, 2020


CPhill has not been active for over a month and hence he is not automatically included on the Top User board.

However, if you click on the arrow at the bottom of the board he will reappear.

Melody  Aug 21, 2020

Why is he not active??

GrOoVyCoW  Aug 24, 2020

He is just taking a well-deserved break.

Melody  Aug 24, 2020

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