Ok this is a serious question

why can you not get the square root of a negative number? Plz explain

(CPhill or hecticar)

no offense to the ppls but you they make sense the best to me

Guest Mar 8, 2017

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You can take the square root of a negative, but it's not a real number...


The square root of -1  is defined as "i"    [ "i" as in, "imaginary" ]


So, for instance


√ [ -4 ]   =  √4 *√-1  =  2 * i   =  2i



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 8, 2017

I'll start with an example. The square root of 64 is 8, so that means that 8*8 is 64. The numbers multiplied always have to be exactly the same to be a square root.

If you tried to do the square root of -48 there would be no answer because -8*-8 equals 64. 

A negative times a negative, or a positive times a positive will always be positive, therefore they will never be negative.

Guest Mar 8, 2017
edited by Guest  Mar 8, 2017

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