One day benny was walking down the street. Benny challenged himself by thinking of all the prime numbers between 778-988


Benny found the average of those primes, and then took all the primes lower than the average, and found the power set of those. Then he found all the primes higher than the average, and found the power set of those.  He took the power sets of both of those, and tried to create his very own trapezoid, with the power set of primes lower than the average representing Band the power set of primes higher than the average representing B2. The Volume of the trapeziod is 3207168 un2 , what is the height of Benny's trapeziod.


Have fun... answer is in the comments below. 


Some useful websites:






Guest May 31, 2017

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its not as tedious as it seems...


ok, scroll down























the answer is...









87 un

Guest May 31, 2017

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