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I am a 2 digit number that ends in 4, but not divisible by 4. I found the answer (I think) is 24, 44, 64, 84. But I dont understand the pattern or the reason for the pattern. Can anybody help me? Thank you.

 Oct 1, 2018

All the numbers you have listed are divisible by 4 !!. The rule for divisibility by 4 is this:

If the first TWO DIGITS of any number are EVENLY divisible by 4, then the whole number, no matter how big, is divisible EVENLY by 4. Example:3769321324. Since the last two digits, or 24, are EVENLY divisible by 4, then that whole number is EVENLY divisible by 4. And that is it.

 Oct 1, 2018
edited by Guest  Oct 1, 2018

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