I'm trying to determine the angle of a stair well so that I can cut the wood for a railing.  The Opposite side of the right angle is 32" and the Adjacent side is 41".  Can anyone help me?  I apparently don't know how to enter the formula in a Scientific Calculator.  LOL

Guest Jul 31, 2017

With the information given in the diagram, two diagrams can result. Can you tell me which one you mean?



 |  \

 |    \

 |      \   32in

 |        \

 |          \

 |           \                        






        |  \
        |   \
41in |     \   32in
        |       \
        |         \
        |          \



Can you please clarify? When you say "adjacent angle," I am unsure which angle you are referencing. 


Actually, I have noticed another issue, too. Both of my interpretations are impossible triangles because you said the hypotenuse is 32 inches, while one of the legs is 41 inches. This is impossible because the hypotenuse has to be the longest side length.

TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 31, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 31, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 31, 2017

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