Carnival H charges an entrance fee of 8 dollars and 2.25 dollars per ticket for the rides. Carnival P charges an entrance fee of 50 dollars and 1.25 dollars per ticket for the rides. How many tickets must be purchased in order for the total cost at Carnival H and Carnival P to be the same?

Guest Feb 15, 2017

H  price =  8 + 2.25 x     where x = number of tickets

P              50 + 1.25 x   


And you wnat to know when they are equal:

8+2.25x = 50 + 1.25 x    Subtract 8 from both sides

2.25x = 42 + 1.25x          Subtract 1.25 x from both sides

x = 42   = number of tickets to equal price  at both carnivals

ElectricPavlov  Feb 15, 2017

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