friction between two flat surfaces can be divided into two categories. what are the two most common kind of friction?


A. air resistance

B. kinetic

C. fluid

D. static

 Mar 7, 2019

Its not A because aor resistance is the force of an object passing through air. 


Its not B because kenetic is the energy in motion. 


Its not C because fluid force is the force of water on an object.


Its D because static friction is when one object is on top of another or resting. Which can be two seperate surfaces. And they can be divided into two categories. 


Hope this helps ;P

 Mar 7, 2019

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The question clearly asks for the TWO most common kinds of friction.


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EmeraldWonder  Mar 8, 2019

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HiylinLink  Mar 8, 2019
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.  Two types of friction are STATIC and KINETIC frictions.

 Mar 7, 2019

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