The cord from an appliance is too short to reach the wall outlet in your room. You have two extension cords to choose from.


(a) Find the voltage drop in the first extension cord having a 0.0480 Ω resistance and through which 3.20 A is flowing. 




(b) The second extension cord is cheaper and utilizes thinner wire. It has a resistance of 0.096 Ω and the current flowing through it is 3.20 A. By what amount does the voltage supplied to the appliance change when the first extension cord is replaced by the second? 



Guest Feb 22, 2017

V = IR

   =3.2*.0480 = 0.1536 v = voltage drop


b)   3.2*.096 = 0.3072 voltage drop        

       .3072-.1536 = .1536 volts less available to appliance when using the second cord

ElectricPavlov  Feb 22, 2017

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