a paleontologist uses a magnifying glass to look at a T-Rex skull. IF the lens has a focal length of 12 cm and she is holding it 9 cm away from the skull

a) Where is the image?

b) What is its magnification?

c) How large would the image of a 5 mm diameter crack in the skull be?

Julius  Jan 19, 2018

Recall  that  1/f = 1/do + 1/di


1/12 = 1/9 + 1/di

di = -36 cm    Which means it is a virtual image on the same side as the object 36 cm from the lens


B:  M= -di/do = - (-36)/9 = 4


C.  magnification is 4   so   4 x 5 mm = 20mm dia

ElectricPavlov  Jan 19, 2018

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