Tom has \(\$10\) that he wants to use to buy pens and pencils. However, he does not want to buy more pens than pencils. A pen costs \(\$3\), and a pencil costs \(\$1\). Which graph represents this scenario? (Here, \(x\) represents the number of pens and \(y\) the number of pencils.)



SpaceModo  Jan 19, 2018

Let x  be the number of pens  and let  y be the number of pencils


And we have these constraints


x ≤ y


3x +  1y ≤  10


The third graph is correct  [ both lines will be solid because of the  " ≤ "  ]


See  here  :  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/pd7tbftmpj



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jan 19, 2018

Hey, thanks! smiley

SpaceModo  Jan 19, 2018

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