A pharmaceutical company sells bottles of \(500\) calcium tablets in two dosages: \(250\) milligram and \(500\) milligram. Last month, the company sold \(2200\) bottles of \(250\)-milligram tablets and \(1800\) bottles of \(500\)-milligram tablets. The total sales revenue was \($39200\). The sales team has targeted sales of \($44000\) for this month, to be achieved by selling of \(2200\) bottles of each dosage.


Assuming that the prices of the -milligram and -milligram bottles remain the same, the price of a \(250\)-milligram bottle is \($\boxed{\color{white}\text{Ans}}\) and a \(500\)-milligram bottle is \($\boxed{\color{white}\text{Ans}}\).

SpaceModo  Jan 26, 2018
edited by SpaceModo  Jan 26, 2018

x = 500mg  price

y= 250 mg price


1800x + 2200y =39200


2200x + 2200y =44000  

Subtract second from first equation

-400x = -4800     x = 12       


So 12 bucks for 500 mg bottle 

1800(12) + 2200y = 39200         y= 8     $ 8 for 250 mg tab bottle

ElectricPavlov  Jan 26, 2018

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