The Kendal Company manufactures automobile engine parts. Running the manufacturing operations requires \(12\) watts (units of electricity per hour). The amount of electricity required to run the manufacturing operations and lighting the facility is given by \(y=12x+24\), where xis the number of hours of manufacturing and y is the amount of electricity expended. How much electricity is used on a day when no parts are manufactured? \((x\geq0,y\geq0)\)

SpaceModo  Dec 1, 2017

The "12x"   part is known as the variable part


The  "24"   part is known as the fixed part....it is the amount of elecricity that is used independent of the  additional electricity used in the manufacturing process...so.. even if no parts are manufactured, 24 watts are still used 



cool cool cool

CPhill  Dec 1, 2017

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