You are aiming to spend $100 or less on meat for a barbeque. Your options are chicken or steak. Chicken costs $1.29/lb and steak costs $3.49/lb. How much of each meat can be purchased? You may use the coordinate grid to represent your answer.

Guest Apr 16, 2018

If you want to spend ALL your money on chicken, then you just divide:

$100 /$1.29 =~77.5 Lbs of chicken. That leaves you with:

$100 - [$1.29 x 77.5] =$0.02 cents.

If you wish to spend ALL your money on steak, then just divide:

$100 / $3.49 =28.65 Lbs of steak. That leaves you with:

$100 - [$3.49 x 28.65] =$0.01 cent !!.

If you wish to divide your money half and half, then you just divide $50 by the price of chicken and $50 by the price of steak. That will give you half of the above numbers that we got for $100.

Guest Apr 16, 2018

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