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Please help asap 

 Sep 10, 2018

it makes me sad that you can't figure out the first one.


any of these will do


\(c_1 a^{m_1}b^{n_1} \cdot c_2 a^{m_2}b^{n_2} \\ \text{where } \dots \\ c_1 \cdot c_2 = -84 \\ m_1 + m_2 = 6 \\ n_1 + n_2 = 10 \\ \text{use your rainbow panda powers to choose two monomial that satisfy these 3 requirements!}\)


for the second one we know (should know) that the volume of a cube is \(s^3 \text{ where s is the length of a side.}\)


our side length is doubled giving us \(s=4x^5\)


Thus the new volume is \(\left(4x^5\right)^3 = 4^3 \cdot x^{5 \cdot 3} = 64 x^8\)

 Sep 10, 2018

Thanks Rom,   smiley


RainbowPanda, maybe it will help you understand what Rom has  said if I tell you this:


A monomial is an eqpression with only one term.    Like   5x   or   -3y^2   

Product means multiply.

So you are just looking for 2 things that multiply together to make  \( -84a^6b^{10} \)     there are lots and lots of correct answers.


Rom has introduced all those c's and m's.  They are just numbers.  You have to use numbers that work. Rom is not suggesting that you leave them as c's and m's     wink

 Sep 10, 2018

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