When we say that Ray is climbing up the stairs m at a time, we mean that he starts on the floor (step 0) then jumps to step m and then to 2m and so on until the number of steps to the top is less than m. Ray climbs up a flight of stairs of n steps in two ways. When he does it 4 steps at a time, there are 3 steps left at the top. When he does it 5 steps at a time, there are 2 steps left at the top. What is the smallest possible value of  that is greater than 10?

 May 24, 2021

Find a multiple of 5    plus 2    that leaves 3 when divided by 4

15 + 2       leaves    1   when divided by 4

20 +2       leaves two

25 +2       leaves 3        sooooo   27 stairs

 May 24, 2021

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