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1. Find the equation whose graph is the line passing through the points ( 2, -3) and ( 4, 5) Enter your answer in standard form.


2. The line 3x-4y+24=0 intersects the  x axis and y axis at points A and B  respectively. Find distance of line AB.

     (No image provided)


3. The graph x^2+y^2=100 intersects y=3x at two points P and Q. Find line PQ.

     (No image provided)




 May 11, 2018

I found the answers, if anyone is looking for them.


1. 4x-y= 11



 May 12, 2018


You are fortunate that CPhill did your homework for you. 

I thought you were rude and lazy when you posted three questions all at once that were obviously for homework.

NOW you have confirmed that you are rude by failing to acknowledge that it was CPhill who answered your questions (on a new post)


YOU "Found" the answers here because CPhill had already posted them!

You didn't even bother to thank him!! 

 May 12, 2018
edited by Melody  May 12, 2018

Hi Melody,


I actually did not see the new post by CPhil, but thank you for bringing this into my knowledge. Thank you to CPhil, but I actually did do these questions myself. I am sorry if I have offended anyone and thank you again to all of those who really do help me.



 May 14, 2018

I do not know why you did not see CPhill's answer as he was answering your post and the new answer would have been displayed in your watchlist. He did answer you before you posted your answers

But it was not much before so maybe you had not seen it yet.




Anyway, I'll accept what you say at face value and I appologise.



 In the future please follow the guidelines that I have written:

1) Reposts should take the answerer back to the original question (with a link) , so that it does not get answered twice without the answerer's knowledge.

2) One question per post. Typed in whenever possible.

3) Learn from it, ask questions if you do not understand.

4) Say thanks and give points.

5) Then after you have learned all you can from your first answer, you can post a new question.



Melody  May 15, 2018

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