The function f(x)=−6sin(7/3x+1/6)−5 models the average rate of change in temperature of a substance monitored in an experiment. In the function, x represents the number of minutes since the commencement of the experiment and the temperature of the substance is measured in degrees Fahrenheit.

Over what range of temperatures does the average rate of change in temperature fall?

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The range in the average rate of change in termperature of the substance is from a low temperature of °F to a high of °F.

 May 20, 2020

Note  that  the function will be maxiimized  when  (7/3)x + 1/6   =  (3pi/2)


So....the  max  temp   =  -6sin 3(pi/2) - 5  =   -6(-1)  - 5   =    1° F


And  the function will be  minimized whex  (7/3)x + 1/6 =  pi/2


So....the min temp  is   -6sin(pi2) - 5   =  -6(1)  - 5  =   -11° F


So....the temp falls  from 1°F to -11°F



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 May 20, 2020

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