License plate numbers in poglandia used to consist of 5 distinct digits. Due to an increase in population, poglandia started to allow license plates to have any 5-digit string, even if some digits are the same. How many more license plates are available because of this change?


Two boys and three girls are going to sit around a table with 5 different chairs. If the two boys want to sit together, in how many possible ways can they be seated?


Each of the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 is used exactly once in forming the 3-digit integers X and Y. How many possible values of X+Y  are there if |X-Y|=111?

 Apr 17, 2021

1. There are 43,860 more license plates available.


2. There are 42 possible seatings.


3. There are 24 possible values of X + Y.

 May 2, 2021

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