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A group of 444 friends likes to golf together, and each friend keeps track of her all-time lowest score in a single round. Their low scores are all between 909090 and 100100100, except for Angie, whose low score is 808080. Angie then golfs a great round and has a new low score of 757575. How will decreasing Angie's low score affect the mean and median?

 Apr 18, 2019

4 friends , scores 90 - 100 with the ringer Angie scoring 80.  

  The average (MEAN)  score will be (all three of the 90-100 scores PLUS Angies score)    /  four

the mean (average) SCORE WILL GO down Angie after decides to go to the Master's with her score of 75 (assuming the other scores do not change)

The MEDIAN score is the score in the middle of the 4....since there are 4 scores, you would take the middle TWO scores and average them to get the median.....the median would not change unless the middle two scores change in the final round.......Angie's lowe score would not change the median (if she is still the lowest scorer)

 Apr 18, 2019

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