A landscaper designs a garden border to run along the inside perimeter of a piece of property that is shaped like arectangle.
The garden border that runs along the edge of the property has a width of x meters and surrounds the entire
property. The area inside of the garden border has a width of 39 meters and a length of 21 meters as shown by the
The total area of the property, in square meters, is a function of the distance, x, in meters.
Enter the quadratic function, A(x), in standard form that represents the total area of the property in square meters.
If your answer includes exponents, use the symbol. For example, if your answer is 42, enter it like this: 4344


 Jul 11, 2020

Total Height of the rectangle (which represents the property) is   21 + x + x = 21 + 2x

Width = 39 + x + x = 39 + 2x      (or   2x + 39)


Area = Height * Width    =

(2x+21) * (2x+39)   = 4x^2 +120x + 819

 Jul 11, 2020

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