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I have tried solving these problems so many times already that I am literally about to lose my mind. I am freaking out because I can't finish it and I just gave myself a horrible headache which makes things worse. Please help!!!!

 Apr 4, 2018

The sample space, that is all the possible family combinations are recorded for you at the bottom of the post. There are 8 of them.  That is the sample space.  Do you understand that?


GBB   means that the first child is a Girl the second is a Boy and the third is a Boy.

     Do you get that?


The first question is 

What is the probability that the firs child is a boy?     Well you count the number that have the first child as a boy and you put it over the number in the sample space. Then you simplify the fraction and that is your answer.


All but the last 2 are written in words so they should be easy enough for you to do.

Post your answers if you like and someone, maybe me, will check them for you.


I am not sure what the dot notation is for the last two question. It is probably just multiply.

I haven't looked at it hard enough to decide if this would make sense. 

 Apr 4, 2018

Thank you, but I'm still so confused. >.<

P (A)= 4/8=1/2

P (B)= 1/8

P (A|B)= 1/2

P (B|A)= 1/8

I don't know the last three

RainbowPanda  Apr 4, 2018

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