The function ​f(x)​ is the number of feet below the surface of the water a diver is at x seconds. After 14 s, the diver reached the maximum distance of 22 ft below the surface of the water. The diver stayed in the water for 20 minutes.


What is the practical domain for the function f(x)?


Answer choices: 

  • all positive real numbers
  •   [0, 1200]
  •   [−22, 0]
  • all negative real numbers
adore.nuk  Feb 5, 2018

It is a bit confusing but x is the domain and x is in second

He is in the water for 20 minutes = 1200 second


so a sensible domain would be [0 , 1200]

Melody  Feb 5, 2018

Thank you so much.

adore.nuk  Feb 5, 2018

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