the gravitational force of attraction between two bodies is directly proportional to he mass of each body and inversely proportional to the square of distance between the,. if the distance between two bodies is tripledand the mass of each is doubled, what happens to the force of gravitational attraction between them

 Apr 2, 2021

When you triple the distance, the gravitational attraction goes down by $9$, because it is inversely proportional to $3^2=9$. But because it is directly proportional to the mass of each body, when the mass of each is doubled, it goes up by $4$, because $2$(for the first body)$*2$(for the second body)$=4$. So in total, the gravitational attraction is now $\boxed{4/9}$ of the original gravitational attraction between the two bodies.


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 Apr 2, 2021

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