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Please Help Thankyou 


 Jun 18, 2019

Thinking about this, I concluded that you should count the points: Here goes

0:  8

1:  7

2:  5

3:  4

4:  2


Ok so now we have the amounts of the points... I would proceed by adding up the points as follows:






So there are 26 points. Next, we need to find the median. dividing 26 by 5 gives you a bit more than 5. 8+7 makes 3 fives, and 4+2+5 makes around 2 fives. median: 7 

So we know that the 4rth option is out cause there is no outlier and it's not symmetric.

Reading the 3rd option, we check the plot to see that there is no outlier.

The first option says that the data is symmetric... And the data isn't symmetric...


So if I were you, I would go with the 2nd option...


Hope this helps! :D

 Jun 18, 2019
edited by NoobGuest  Jun 18, 2019

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