Five children A, B, C, D, and E are fighting over who broke the precious vase. Here are their statements:


A: D broke it. 

D: A lied when he said I broke it. 

B: E broke it. 

E: B broke it. 

C: I didn't break it. 



Who broke the vase?

 Apr 4, 2022

Is there anything about who is lying?  ( Like " They all lie?")

 Apr 4, 2022

It says only 1 person is telling the truth. 

Guest Apr 5, 2022

Since there is no statement on who normally lies or not --- I will treat this as an IRL situation.

So E and B are saying it was the other person because E is defending himself, and B is the accusor because he said it BEFORE E. A first said that D broke it, and D was also defending himself. C didn't break it because noone accused him, and he said so himself so the probability of him breaking it was the least. 

If D was telling the truth, then he would've not only defended himself, but also put the blame on someone else. I think B is less suspicious than D, and is just blind or saw it wrong. 


Child D broke it (i think) 

 Apr 4, 2022

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