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1)Circle 1 is centered at (−4, 5)(−4, 5) and has a radius of 2 centimeters. Circle 2 is centered at (2, 1)(2, 1) and has a radius of 6 centimeters.

What transformations can be applied to Circle 1 to prove that the circles are similar?

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The circles are similar because you can translate Circle 1 using the transformation rule (, ) and then dilate it using a scale factor of .


2)The sector of a circle with a 12-inch radius has a central angle measure of 60°.

What is the exact area of the sector in terms of ​ π ​?


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 May 31, 2018

1.  Not sure about these types of questions:

      Translate circle one 6 to the right and down 4 and scale it by a factor of 3  ??


2.  Area of the ENTIRE circle (360 degrees)   is pi r^2    (r=12)

      you want the area of 60 out of 360 degrees....this faction is 60/360


      So:   (60/360)  x pi x 12^2 =   24 pi   in^2

 May 31, 2018

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