1. Suppose Triangle ABC has vertices A(2,4), B(3,5), and C(4,6). If Triangle ABC is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise about the origin, what are the coordinates of the vertices of Triangle A'B'C'?

2. Line j has the equation y=1/3x-6. Line k is perpendicular to line j and passes through the point (4,-3). What is the equation of line k?

3. Which line is parallel to y=-4x+8?

4. Which line pass through the point (2, 5) and has a slope of 3?

5. Triangle WXY has vertices W(3,8), X(7,6), and Y(5,2). What are the coordinates of the vertices of Triangle W"X"Y" after the transformations : 1. A 180 degree CCW rotation 2. A translation of (x-8,y-10)?

 Jun 9, 2021
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Do these problems yourself first, and only post the questions you don't know. First try yourself. Seriously, don't post your homework on this site :)

 Jun 9, 2021

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