All triangles have the same value, and all circles have the same value. What is the sum of three circles?

 Jun 12, 2021

Let the triangle = $x$ and the circle = $y$.


Thus, the two equations are


$3x + 2y = 21$ and $3y + 2x = 19$. 


Since we want to find $y$, we multiply the second equation by $\frac{3}{2}$ to get $\frac{9y}{2} + 3x = \frac{57}{2}$. 


Subtracting the second and first equations gives $\frac{5y}{2} = \frac{15}{2}$


Thus, $y = 3$, which is the value of the circle. Can you solve it from here? 

 Jun 12, 2021

This question may have been asked by a child who has never used algebra.

It is easier to use algebra for a person who knows how BUT here is how another way to do it.


the first one has             2 circles, 2 trangles and another triangle and it adds to 21

the second one has       2 circles, 2 trangles and another circle and it adds to 19


So the triangle must be bigger than the circle by 2.  (because that is the only difference)


So if I replace each of the triangles in the second one with  a circle plus 2 more I get


5 circles + 2+2 = 19

If 5 circles plus 4 more equals 19 then

5 circles must equal 15

so one circle must be 3       (because 3+3+3+3+3=15)

 Jun 13, 2021

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