1. In each case, are the data collected from a census or a sample?
Justify your answer.

a) To find the favorite TV show of Grade 8 students in a school,
fifteen of the 40 Grade 8 students in the school are surveyed.

b) To find the favorite video game of Ontario 13-year-olds,
all 13-year-old students in Ontario are surveyed.

c) To find out if customers of a chain of coffee shops are
happy with the service, some customers in every shop
were surveyed.

 Dec 7, 2020
edited by parpar1  Dec 7, 2020

a. Sample, 15 is not the total of 40.

b. Census, when you hear "all" then you know that it is a total census.

c. Sample, it says "some", implying only a portion.

 Dec 8, 2020

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