1. A circle has a radius of 14. Let line AB be a chord of the circle, such that AB = 12. What is the distance between the chord and the center of the circle?


2. Triangle ABC is isosceles with AB = AC. If AC = 20 and [ABC] = 240, then find the perimeter of triangle ABC.

 Apr 18, 2020

Hello a fellow guest,

I had the same question for you for the second one, but I have found the answer for 1.

Once you draw out the image, triangles AOC and BOC are congruent by hypotnenuse- leg congruence! we know that one of the legs is half of the radius and thata the length of the hypotnuse is 14 I think you can solve for the other side! If this does not make sense (which it probaly will not :p) Here is the link to a question that I have asked eairler. 



You might want to repost your second question cuz I am confused on that as well :/

Hope this helps!!!


- Wolf

 Apr 19, 2020
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