Two squares with sides of lengths 2 and 4 are arranged side-by-side, as shown below, so that one side of each square lies on line AB and a segment connects the bottom left corner of the smaller square to the upper right corner of the larger square. What is the area of the shaded quadrilateral?


I cant attach the picture, but the area of the shaded quadrilateral is refering to the section of the bigger quadrilateral, the one with side lengths 4 and the lower section, that lies on line AB. 

 Jun 1, 2022


< I cant attach the picture >  


The pic can be seen at  https://www.gauthmath.com/solution/1725613842539525 

 Jun 2, 2022

From the image provided, we see that the line forms a triangle with an area of \(6 \times 4 \div 2 = 12\).


The smaller, unshaded triangle is similar to the large triangle, with a side ratio of \(1 \over 3\). This means that area of the small triangle is \(1 \over 9\)th of the bigger triangle. 


Can you take it from here?

 Jun 3, 2022

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